1. What kind of supplies will my child receive?

Custom School Supplies only uses recognized, quality brand name products such as Hilroy, Crayola, UHU, Elmers, Ticonderoga and more. The supplies your child receives are the ones the teacher will request.

2. How much will school supplies for my child cost?

The price of each school supply kit will depend upon the supplies that your teacher has requested. Each school supply kit is customized, based on your teacher’s supply list, and is priced accordingly.

Our prices are competitive because we purchase high volumes directly from the manufacturer, and even including the hassle-free additional services of having your school supplies packaged and delivered to the school, our supply kits most often cost less than purchasing them at the store.

3. Can our school use Custom School Supplies as a fundraiser?

Yes, Custom School Supplies does offer a fundraiser option where schools can choose to add 5% or 10% to the cost of a school supply package and the proceeds go to the school.

4. Can our school order supplies in bulk?

Yes, schools can order supplies packaged in bulk by grade, rather than individually. Custom School Supplies invoices the school directly, and the school receives payment from parents however they choose (most choose to incorporate the cost of each child’s supplies in their student fees). Ordering in bulk is the most cost effective, but supplies do not come packaged for each individual student.

5. What is the timeline for getting started on the Custom School Supplies program?

Early planning always starts in mid January and February, but schools can join our program until May. Schools most often provide us with their updated supply lists in March or April and the process goes from there. Incentives are offered for schools who sign up with the program early in the year, as well as for schools who have their orders with payment in by the beginning of May.

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